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Yanshan shisheng tube-material antiseptic co.,ltd was established in 2004 with a registered capital of 70 million and total assets of 120 million. It is mainly the production of coating operation for steel pipelines with mixed media of pressurized oil, gas, water and coal slurry. It is a professional pipeline engineering reasonable construction enterprise integrating anti-corrosion, heat preservation and piping. Its products are widely decomposed into petroleum, chemical, natural gas, transmission and distribution. Water, thermal power and other industries.

The company has introduced twelve advanced anti-corrosion and thermal insulation production lines at home and abroad:
★ One is (DN100-DN3200) three-layer structure polyolefin (PE, PP) and fusion bonded epoxy powder (FBE) steel pipe outer coating production lines(Three production line);
★ The second is (DN100-DN1800) hot bend steel elbow coating production lines for pipe fittings(Four production line);
★ The third is (DN100-DN3200) internal drag reduction, solvent-free epoxy coating, and FBE coating for the inner wall of steel pipelines(Two production line);
★ Fourth,(DN100-DN1400) polyurethane prefabricated thermal insulation production lines(Two production line);
★ Fifth,  (DN100-DN1400) outside epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic production line(One production line).

The company introduces international advanced technology, has the remarkable characteristics of high degree of automation, stable operation, reliable quality, one-time molding and strong processing ability, and is extremely competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.


Yanshan shisheng tube-material antiseptic co.,ltd has 10 departments including office, laboratory, supply department, marketing department, technical department, storage department, quality supervision department, finance department, and business department. There are 71 employees and 2 senior engineers. There are 5 engineers, 1 anti-corrosion project manager, 2 engineering construction project managers, and 25 professional technicians.


Yanshan shisheng tube-material antiseptic co.,ltd strictly complies with national standards GB/T 23257-2017, international ISO 21809-1/-2/-3, German DIN 30670-2012, American AWWA C210/C213, French NFA 49-710, Iranian IPS-G-TP-335 standard and domestic petroleum and petrochemical industry standards SY/T 0315-2013, CDP-S-PC-AC-014/019/018 and other domestic and foreign standards are organized and produced.

Yanshan shisheng tube-material antiseptic co.,ltd has complete qualifications, has the first-class construction qualification for China's national defense corrosion and the second-class qualification for contracting anti-corrosion and thermal insulation projects in the construction industry, and has passed the special equipment qualification license of the People’s Republic of China. (No. TS2710N82-2022) and ISO9001-2015 quality system, GB/T28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system, GB/T24001-2016 environmental management system certification, that is, "three standards in one" international certification, the company has also obtained provincial health Drinking water sanitation approval certificate issued by the Provincial Health Department.


Yanshan shisheng tube-material antiseptic co.,ltd has advanced production equipment: Nordson powder spraying equipment from the United States, polyethylene anticorrosive extrusion unit from Germany, steel pipe preheating device from Italy, Graco high pressure airless spraying machine from the United States, domestic advanced steel pipe Shot blasting machine for outer and inner wall. The company has also introduced advanced production technology from American CRC and Dutch B&L, which has outstanding features such as high degree of automation, stable operation, reliable quality, one-time molding, and strong processing capability, and is extremely competitive in domestic and foreign markets.


Yanshan shisheng tube-material antiseptic co.,ltd has the ability to produce 1.5 million square meters of anti-corrosion products for steel pipes and 150,000 square meters of anti-corrosion products for bent pipes a year, and the service life of the products can reach 50 years. It is suitable for land, rivers, seas, lakes, and beaches. And other complex terrain


Yanshan shisheng tube-material antiseptic co.,ltd is located in Xuannan Industrial Development Zone, Yanshan County, close to 205 National Road, 283 Provincial Road, Bohai Sea to the east, Beijing and Tianjin to the north, and Shandong to the south. It is the only place where Jiangsu and Zhejiang go to Beijing and Tianjin,it is 380 kilometers from Beijing, 150 kilometers from Tianjin, 160 kilometers from Jinan, 40 kilometers from Beijing-Shanghai railway and expressway, and 50 kilometers from Huanghua Port. The transportation is convenient and the geographical position is superior.


High-tech anti-corrosion has increasingly become the common pursuit of both supply and demand in the pipe anti-corrosion industry. Yanshan shisheng tube-material antiseptic co.,ltd came into being, with the image of "advanced equipment, advanced technology, quality first, and perfect service". "Being demanding and honest, sincere and not deceiving" has formed the broad and open mind and sincere sentiment of Shisheng people; "Pursuing excellence, creating excellence and strong" reflects the management of Shisheng people who regard quality as life and promote development with quality Philosophy: "Serving with enthusiasm and meeting needs" shows the high posture of Shisheng people thinking about what users want, eager for users, and long-term cooperation with users.


Shisheng is an ideal anti-corrosion and thermal insulation base for friends in the industry.

Customer satisfaction is the purpose of Shisheng deliberately.

Sincerely welcome customers to cooperate with Yanshan shisheng tube-material antiseptic co.,ltd.


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