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1. Corporate culture: An excellent brand of anti-corrosion processing for pipes and fittings in China's standardized operations

2. Enterprise purpose: Survive by quality and develop by integrity

★ The outstanding achievements of Shisheng's unremitting efforts for more than ten years are derived from the fact that Shisheng people always abide by the enterprise's outlook on development and survival. Since the establishment of Shisheng Anticorrosive Company, it has clearly put forward the corporate purpose of "establishing a brand image and establishing a business with integrity".
★ Survive by quality Quality is the core of enterprise development. Without excellent products that have been praised and recognized by domestic and international customers, it is impossible to expand and achieve better results. Shisheng people have been adhering to and practicing the core content of the enterprise for a long time, and actively realizing the leapfrog development of the enterprise.
★ Develop with integrity. Integrity is the foundation of an enterprise. Integrity runs through every link of Shisheng Anticorrosive Company's management, customer communication, business negotiation and common development from beginning to end. The corporate culture based on integrity is accompanied by the better and more powerful development of Shisheng in the future.

3. Enterprise spirit: hard work, unity and dedication, hard work, pioneering and enterprising

The entrepreneurial spirit of hard work, unity and dedication, hard work, pioneering and enterprising, is the ideological achievement and spiritual strength of every employee of Shisheng, which is constantly improved in the continuous development of the company and will never let up.

★ Work hard: Every employee of Shisheng Company upholds hard work, perseverance, diligence and thrift, which is the source of enterprise development and the fine tradition of Chinese national culture.
★ Unity and dedication: Shisheng Company is a big family, and every employee has the sense of being a master, who is just and dedicated to his career, and realizes his own values and the enterprise's common enterprising career outlook.
★ Hard work: Shisheng’s product quality assurance, complete product specifications, and the same industry’s corporate characteristics of "you have me better, you don’t have me" are a true portrayal of Shisheng people’s diligence, challenge, and work. .
★ Pioneering and enterprising: Shisheng Company has the ability to spontaneously research and forge ahead, advancing with the times and pursuing excellence, is the magic weapon for Shisheng Shi to lead other companies in the past years.

4. Corporate style: careful planning, steady development, long-term development, efficient work

Careful planning, steady development, long-term development, and high efficiency are the high-level summary of Shisheng's experience since its founding, and it is also the essence of enterprise development. The development history of Shisheng shows that the style of Shisheng has forged a "steel" team that is daring to work hard, willing to dedicate, and strive for perfection.

★ Careful planning: The ancients said that "all things are planned beforehand, and nothing is planned beforehand." No matter how big or small things are, it's all about planning; planning is not about size, it's all about carefulness. In the development of the enterprise, think twice before acting, boldly imagine, repeatedly deliberate, and carefully deploy.
★ Steady and steady: From management to production, to customer communication and even after-sales service, Shisheng always judges success or failure in detail. Firmly grasp implementation, have a "step by step" working philosophy, eliminate negligence, pay attention to details, and respond effectively.
★ Long-term development: It is the long-term development goal of Shisheng to establish the excellent brand of Shisheng, expand its products to the world, and cooperate with various domestic fields.
★ Efficient work: efficiency builds advantages. "Today's things are done today" is the spirit of Shisheng Company. Plan management and moderate advancement are the methods to pay attention to at the work level, and they are seriously and actively implemented.

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