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Time flies and the sea is changing. Up to now, Shisheng anticorrosion company has gone through 16 years. In the grand development process across the century, Shisheng anticorrosion company adheres to the core concept of "sincere and trustworthy, striving for improvement", and with firm and indomitable spirit and perseverance, it pursues excellence in quality and strives for advanced enterprise, which engraves a Zheng Zheng picture of sweat and hard work. The company has achieved a breakthrough from quantitative change to qualitative change. With the new century, the company has opened up a new situation and composed a new chapter!

Many years of development process is precious. The company creates brand with quality, promotes development by innovation, closely grasps the market development trend, extensively develops foreign cooperation, actively carries out external exchange, continuously strengthens internal reform of the enterprise, establishes and improves talent absorption mechanism, attaches importance to cultivating corporate culture, and has the courage to bear social responsibility, and strides forward from the initial stage of increasing investment and consolidating foundation Strong large-scale, across the development stage, so that the company to sustainable development of brilliant road! With hard work and sweat to pour the flower of dream!

Hand to hand Pinghu Xi Shengmen, heart know etiquette, sense of Jun en. We are grateful: today's Shisheng is the crystallization of the concerted efforts of Shisheng people and the embodiment of the support and care of friends from all walks of life. It is you that make us have the achievements and self-confidence we have today. It is you who have the motivation and courage to move forward. Here, I sincerely join all the staff of the company to express our sincere thanks to the old and new friends from all walks of life who have given us warm support and friendly cooperation! We are eager for a win-win situation: we are willing to work with our colleagues in the society to seek common development. We are not only your partner, but also your most reliable friend!

Life is great because of dream, and the world is wonderful because of creation! Today's Shisheng anticorrosion company has been on a broader development platform. Facing the new opportunities and challenges, we will, as always, earnestly fulfill our social and economic responsibilities, strive to improve the technical level of the industry, take reform and innovation as the driving force, and pursue the harmonious development of society, enterprises and employees. Based on Hebei, radiating the whole country and looking around the world, we will shape the excellent brand of China's pipeline industry with "integrity and quality".

We firmly believe that: the mature Shisheng people will lead the pipeline industry to stride forward with a more steady pace, with a sense of urgency and a sense of mission, so as to create the glory and dream of bathing the era, reflecting Chinese characteristics and rich in Shisheng spirit! Wish our tomorrow will be better!

Sincerely treat friends from all walks of life to make blueprint and cooperate sincerely!

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